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    What are childes criteria of a civilization?

    Best Answer Childes criteria of a civilization include: 1) urbanization, where a significant portion of the population lives in cities; 2) full-time specialization of labor, which means that people have different occupations and skills; 3) social stratification, where there is a division of society into different social classes; and 4) the development of a writing […] Xem thêm

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    What kinds of changes encouraged the development of early hominid societies?

    Best Answer something that encouraged changed in early hominid species was climate change .Tony Earn +20 pts The development of early hominid societies was encouraged by a combination of factors such as the ability to use tools, increased brain size and cognitive abilities, improved communication skills, the establishment of social hierarchies, and the development of […] Xem thêm

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    How important anthropometric in life?

    Best Answer Anthropometrics, which involves measuring the physical characteristics of the human body, is important in various aspects of life. In areas such as health and fitness, anthropometric measurements provide insights into an individual’s body composition, which can help in monitoring and managing weight and overall well-being. Anthropometric data is also valuable in fields like […] Xem thêm

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    What is the lifestyle of the US?

    Best Answer The lifestyle in the US is diverse and varies depending on individuals and regions. However, some common characteristics include a strong emphasis on work-life balance, consumerism, individualism, and a focus on personal freedoms and opportunities. Americans tend to value convenience, leisure activities, and a high standard of living. Earn +20 pts Us Americans […] Xem thêm

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    What major battle site lies south of the mountains?

    Best Answer Gaugamela lies south of the Caucasus Mountains. Earn +20 pts One major battle site that lies south of the mountains is the Battle of Gettysburg. It took place in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania during the American Civil War. This battle is considered one of the most significant and bloodiest battles of the war. Xem thêm

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    Were superior beings on earth before humans?

    Best Answer There is no scientific evidence or consensus to support the existence of superior beings on Earth before humans. The evolution of complex life on Earth, including humans, can be traced back over billions of years through a gradual process of natural selection. While there are many undiscovered species and extinct organisms, there is […] Xem thêm

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    What are the 3 legs of the Triangular Trade in Africa?

    Best Answer The three legs of the Triangular Trade in Africa were: The first leg involved European merchants traveling to Africa to trade goods such as textiles, weapons, and alcohol in exchange for slaves. The second leg involved the transportation of enslaved Africans to the Americas (mainly the Caribbean and North America) on the infamous […] Xem thêm

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